JER "Bothered / Unbothered" Vinyl

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JER "Bothered / Unbothered" 12" Vinyl LP. This is a pre-order that will being shipping on or around 5/31/22

Vinyl Pressing Info:

3rd Pressing:
300 Royal Blue
300 Ruby Red

2nd Pressing (sold out)
200 Green / Black Smash
200 White w/ Black Splatter

1st Pressing: (sold out)
200 Yellow w/ Green, Black, and Red Splatter
200 Tri-color Green, Yellow, Red
200 Evergreen
200 Yellow (Brooklyn Vegan Exclusive)
200 Yellow & Black Smash / A-Side B-Side (Bad Time Record Club)



You Got Yr ---- Card Revoked!
Clout Chasers!
Cold Truth
Decolonize Yr Mind
Garden of Understanding
You Can Get It If You Really Want
Nobody Can Dull My Sparkle

JER - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Trombone
Reade Wolcott - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Thiago Trosso - Tenor Sax
Esteban Flores -Keys
Elwood “Woody” Bond - Drums
Doug Perry - Percussion
Jeff Rosenstock - Bari Sax, Keys
David Miller - Trumpet
Elise Okusami - Vocals
Kal The Thot Slayer - Guitar
Carlos Eiene - piano

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Reade Wolcott
Mastered by Alex Dobbert at The Hitlab
Artwork by Ben Passmore
Layout by Mike Sosinski