Bad Time Records is an independent music collective focused on building and promoting the community of current generation ska punk artists.  We collaborate with like-minded bands, musicians, and other labels to release physical and digital music, create video and graphic art, and partner with ska punk communities around the world to put on shows and create touring opportunities.  More importantly, we aim to create lasting friendships and a sense of community based on a shared love of this strange, semi-obscure genre with a "checkered" past and history.  The goal is to lift each other up, pushing the genre forward while creating our own platform based on mutual respect, admiration, and a love of music.
We are devoted to working with bands that are staunchly anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-xenophobic, and are committed to using our platform to reject any and all hateful ideologies.  Ska music was founded on the idea of unity.  We believe that this idea must not only live on in our current generation of music, but that we must evolve to be proactive and vocal in promoting messages of equality, justice, and anti-hatred.  We are also committed to giving back to causes, charities, and communities that also promote these ideals.
I started Bad Time Records in 2018 after being frustrated by the lack of support the current generation of ska punk bands received from general music communities, DIY scenes, "punks", news outlets, and labels.  Everyone seemed to think it was a bad time for the genre.  Over my 20+ years of playing in and touring with ska punk bands, I've met an overwhelming number of kind, generous, talented, and frankly brilliant musicians, people and bands; to see people boil this entire experience down to jokes about Hawaiian shirts was infuriating.  Like many before me, I knew the only way forward was to do it myself.  I run BTR out of my carport in Alameda CA.  Sometimes my wife Zalina helps me pack records, as do some very kind volunteers. It’s a community effort to make this happen, whether through the help of like minded bands, promoters, volunteers, or fans. While I’m lucky enough to have (very recently) made this my full time job, there are no illusions or desires (or frankly, possibilities) of this making me or any of the bands rich. I just want us to have the same shot other scenes get at having their music heard and taken seriously… I love and respect it too much. Thank you for your support.
- Mike Sosinski