Kill Lincoln "That's Cool..." 10 Year Vinyl

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"That's Cool... In a Totally Negative and Destructive Way" by Kill Lincoln on 12" Vinyl with printed inner sleeve. 10 Year anniversary reissue with updated art and remaster.  Comes with digital download.

Pressing Information:

200 Yellow / Black Splatter on Milky Clear Vinyl

250 Solid Mustard

250 Black (Retail / Int'l Variant)

200 Band Variant


Track listing:

Side A

1. Intro

2. Wake, Wait, Repeat

3. 'F' for Finished

4. Brick

5. A Winner Is You!


Side B

1. Dad Fight

2. Suburban Whoa

3. Figure It Out, Summer Sanders

4. Hand Grenade

5. That's Cool... in a totally negative and destructive way