KILL LINCOLN "Can't Complain" Vinyl (4th Pressing)

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"Can't Complain" by Kill Lincoln 12" Vinyl, w/ Gatefold jacket.

Fourth Vinyl pressing info:
250 Electric Blue w/ Yellow Splatter
250 Band Variant

Track listing:
1. Greetings from Inner Space
2. Used Up
3. Last Ditch Denial
4. Ignorance is Bliss
5. Who am I this time?
6. Confession Obsession
7. Well Spent; Wasted
8. Civil Surgery
9. Quarantine Dream
10. Womb Envy (Paint it Black)
11. Can't Complain

Kill Lincoln is:
Matt "Food" Ellis - Saxophone, vocals
Tyler Rodgers - Drums
Mike Sosinski - Vocals, Guitar
CJ Uy - Bass, Vocals, Guitar solo on "Well Spent; Wasted"
Yasutaka “Ume” Umemoto - Trombone
Drew Skibitsky - Hype

All songs written by Kill Lincoln except “Womb Envy” by Paint it Black and "David Duke" by Skankin' Pickle.

Can't Complain was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Perras at district recording in San Jose, CA, and produced by Mike Sosinski.
"McFish" was recorded and mixed by Martin MacAlister at Ivakota in Washington DC.

Art by Antonio Roque
Gatefold photos by Lorien Lamarr