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BTR036 - The Holophonics "Lavos" 12" Vinyl LP

Pressing Info:
200 Electric Blue w/ Aqua and Silver Splatter
200 Solid Silver
200 Aqua w/ Silver Splatter (2022 Bad Time Record Club Variant)


2. Red Gate
3. Weirdo with a Capital Oh?!
4. Dead But Still Fresh
5. The Enchiridion
6. Zero Balance
7. [New Game+]
8. Silent Protagonist
9. The End of Time
10. Infinite Timelines Dub
11. Atlas Emergence
12. Luminaire
13. Dream Devoured

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While there is likely a large group of people who know of The Holophonics from one or several of their 17 (SEVENTEEN) full length cover records, those in the ska community know them them as one of the hardest working and most innovative bands in the modern scene. While the covers helped gain the band some attention, they've always been in service of pointing people towards their original music... an at times jaw dropping mix of time signatures, off beats, jarring harmonies, and ultimately extremely satisfying collection of ska punk anthems. I remember first listening to their 2018 record "Phantom Arrival" while I was on a transbay bus heading into San Francisco... at one point I let out an audible "JEES" at a particularly potent riff, which made more than a few of the tech rank and file lift their heads from their phones... no small feat. I had high hopes when I heard a rumor that the followup record had been completed towards the end of 2021. Within a few minutes of listening to LAVOS it was clear that no matter how high my hopes were set, I had somehow vastly underestimated it.

It's rare to find a record that not only tells a story through it's lyrics, but through a distinctive musical journey... The Holophonics don't just throw the genre kitchen sink at LAVOS because they can, but because it often times throughout the album serves a specific purpose. There are speedy skate punk elements interspersed with rapid time changes to punctuate and heighten anxiety... there are meaty easycore riffs to bring some joy and catharsis... there are intricate traditional ska sections that evolve into a showcase of horn-laden euphoria... the record swells, heightens, exhales, and truly feels like a living entity. The journey LAVOS takes is a deeply personal one for singer Eric Daino, and you feel as though you're right beside him as he grapples with trauma, anxiety, and expectation. And while you acutely feel the struggle, you equally feel and hear the joy as he begins to heal along the way.

This is a record I've returned to a lot since first hearing it late last year... I feel like after every listen there's a new phrase or section running through my head for days. I'm grateful for a record that captures my attention so fully and refuses to let go, and I'm grateful to Eric and The Holophonics for sharing this one with me. It's something truly special, and I can't wait to for you to hear it.

- Mike