WE ARE THE UNION "Ordinary Life" Vinyl

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BTR020 - We Are The Union "Ordinary Life" 12" Vinyl LP (5th Pressing)

Fifth Pressing:
250 'Boys Will Be Girls' Splatter (white with Neon Pink, Neon Green, and Neon Yellow)
250 'GAK' Neon Green
500 'Goth' Black


12" Vinyl with printed inner sleeve. Includes a full digital download of the album delivered immediately.

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Ever since I started going to “big” ska shows, I tried to imagine myself on the stage. I looked to these bands and tried to see a version of myself up there with them… and it was hard. I loved the music, but nobody really looked like me or my friends. Nobody even approached my age range. I wondered if it was even possible for a “new” band to make an impact, to do something different, to speak to and understand my generation and our issues and our world. That all changed the first time I saw We Are The Union; a band that truly embodies the heart and soul of the “next” generation of ska punk bands, and continues to stand up and speak out about the world and themselves in a deeply honest and meaningful way.

We Are The Union is a band with many homes, but is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing heavily on ska, pop, and punk rock, the band’s 2021 full length, ‘Ordinary Life,’ balances soul crushing lyrics about dysphoria and heartbreak with endless hooks and furiously catchy choruses. The album, which serves as vocalist Reade Wolcott’s coming out as a trans woman, was recorded in secret in a rented house in Joshua Tree with producer Jon Graber.

‘Ordinary Life’ is a wonderful record. It’s one of those records that will make you dance and feel moments of pure joy, while at the same time leaving you emotionally overwhelmed in a deeply satisfying way. It will make you feel alive. It was a stark reminder to me that music can indeed do that. I’m grateful to this band for what they’ve made and for letting us join them on this journey, and I’m grateful to Reade for sharing her story. It’s a privilege to listen to and understand, and I’m so happy that we’re able to share it with you.


All songs written by Reade Wolcott
All songs performed by We Are The Union and:
Tenor Saxophone on tracks 1-9 & 11 performed by Kevin Miller
Baritone Saxophone on tracks 1-9 & 11 performed by Kevin Miller
Trumpet on tracks 1-9 & 11 performed by David Miller
Trumpet on track 9 performed by Scott Klopfenstein
Background Vocals on tracks 1, 2, 4-9, & 11 performed by Nicole Oliva
Background Vocals on tracks 2, 4, 9, & 11 performed by Jon Graber
Synthesizer on tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, & 11 performed & programmed by Jon Graber
Synthesizer on tracks 1, 3, & 4 performed by Reade Wolcott
Drums on track 6 performed by Kenny Lane Schwartz
Auxiliary Percussion on tracks 1-9 & 11 performed by Kenny Lane Schwartz
Additional Auxiliary Percussion on track 5 performed by Jon Graber & Reade Wolcott
Additional Drums on track 1 performed by Kenny Lane Schwartz
Rusty Goat Bell on track 7 performed by Kenny Lane Schwartz
Electronic Drums on track 6 programmed by Reade Wolcott
Guitar Solo on track 7 performed by Jon Graber
Bass on track 9 performed by Jon Graber

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Jon Graber
Co-Produced by Reade Wolcott
Mastered by Alex Dobbert at The Hitlab
Additional Engineering & Mix Assistant - Reade Wolcott
Additional Engineering - Kevin Miller

Ordinary Life was recorded at a house in the desert, Splendor 2 in North Hollywood, CA, and Pot of Gold Recording in Orange, CA

Artwork Layout & Design - Justin Gray
Cover Photo - Rae Mystic

We Are The Union is:
Reade Wolcott - vocals & guitar
Brandon Benson - bass
Ricky Weber - guitar
Jeremy Hunter - trombone
Brent Friedman - drums