BAD OPERATION "Self Titled" Vinyl

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BAD OPERATION - "S/T" 12" Vinyl LP (3rd pressing)

Community Records 101 // Bad Time Records 018

Third Pressing:
57 - Cotton Candy
400 - Yellow (Bad Time Records exclusive)
280 - White (available from COMMUNITY RECORDS)^



New Orleans is a place I think about a lot. I’ve only been there a handful of times (mostly just in time for sound check, a sweaty show, and some late night antics), but I find myself daydreaming about it often. BAD OPERATION is the perfect soundtrack for those daydreams. While I listen to them weave ska, soul, and punk rock into a NEW TONE quilt, I can’t help but imagine myself sweating it out in Banks St Bar, dancing like a fool in a room full of soon to be friends while shouting out every single word.

When Greg and D-Ray of Community / Bad Operation approached me about working with them on this release, I was equal parts surprised and stoked. Community Records was a label that was in the trenches for DIY ska when it was hardest to do so, producing and elevating some of the best underground ska punk bands of the mid and late 2000’s - A Billion Ernies, Murphy’s Kids, Fatter Than Albert, Stuck Lucky, The Lollies, The Best of The Worst, All People…. to hear that they were starting a new project, that it was SKA, that it was AWESOME, and that they wanted to work together on it… it was really a magical moment.

Bad Operation’s debut album somehow captures the most exciting elements of The Specials, the grit and energy of Op Ivy, and combines it with something more modern and refined from the members current and past projects; PEARS, Fatter Than Albert, Dominic Minix Quartet, and All People. Driven at the forefront by DIY ethics and presciently progressive messaging, the band’s backbeat swings between. circle pit-inducing blasts and laid back traditional grooves... they'd be at home in the sweatiest basement punk show, or the smokiest dub lounge. With great riffs, memorable hornlines, dripping organ, and vocals that swing between a croon and a punk rock panic attack, this will go down as one of the defining sounds of this current generation of ska. This band and this record excite me. NEW TONE is here, and I'm here for it.

- Mike


Track Listing:
1. Perilous
2. Bagel Rooks
3. Brain
4. Little Man
6. Kinda Together
7. Peachy
8. Siren's Call
9. Baby In Arms
10. Fish Out of Water

album credits:

Daniel "D-Ray" Ray - Trombone & Keyboards
Brian Pretus - Lead Guitar / backing vocals
Dominic Minix - Lead Vocals / Guitar
Robert Landry - Drums
Greg Rodrigue - Bass / backing vocals

Album engineered by:
Brian Pretus in our practice space
February 2020 to July 2020

Lyrics written by: Dominic Minix

Mixed by: James Whitten
Mastered by: Carl Saff

Album Cover Photo Credit: Durado Brooks
Design work: Greg Rodrigue
w/ help from Daniel Hawkins