Kill Lincoln's "Good Riddance to Good Advice" vinyl... on sale now!

First of all, welcome to Bad Time! Our mission is simple; highlight and amplify the best up and coming Ska and Ska-Punk bands, and provide an extra platform for the growing (yes... it's still growing) ska community.  Ska isn't dead... you just haven't been paying attention.

Now for the news.... we are extremely stoked to announce that Bad Time Records will be releasing Kill Lincoln’s “Good Riddance to Good Advice” for the first time on vinyl!  This special edition 12" LP will contain the album's original 7 tracks on Side A, while Side B will feature the band's 2017 single "Second Cities" and 4 live songs (originally released digitally as the "Sheila" EP).  The pressing will be limited to 300 on blue translucent wax.  We are also offering a merch deal when you pre-order the record, including a pre-sale exclusive t-shirt, sticker, and koozie.  The album officially releases on August 10, but you can pre-order it RIGHT NOW in the Bad Time Records store.

Lots more happening in the coming weeks... more releases from some great ska bands, Bad Time's first compilation, more exclusive merch deals, and more.  Join our mailing list to stay up to date with everything going on.... and get ready to have a BAD TIME.

- Mike


Mike Sosinski