United States of SKAMERICA Sale!


…ok, wow, sorry about that.

In honor of the country I just happen to randomly reside and make SKA in, we’re having a huge 4th of July sale - choose TWO of these LPs for only $20, and you get a FREE Dissidente "Frontline EP" 7"! All orders are also entered into a raffle to receive a TEST PRESSING of "The Shape of Ska Punk to Come!" HOLY MOLY! That’s 3 (and possibly 4) vinyl records for only $20… it’s the cheapest I can ever possibly sell these for, and it won’t happen again for a long long time (or until next Skarbor Day. Get it? Like… ok, moving on…). Sale ends on July 5th when raffle winner will be selected. Choose two between:

BTR002 We Are The Union (WATU) "Who We Are" in "Mayonnaise White" 
BTR003 Catbite "s/t" 12" in "Not So Mellow Yellow" 
BTR005 Various "The Shape of Ska Punk to Come" in "Powerskaviolence Purple"

You can find the sale right here in our store.

4th of july sale_final.jpg
Mike Sosinski