THIRSTY GUYS join Bad Time Records with new Video / Single, LP pre-sale

I’m super excited to welcome New Brunswick NJ’s Thirsty Guys to Bad Time Records! We’ll be teaming up with NJ’s Choke Artist to bring you the band’s debut LP “Parched” on 3 sweet varities of color vinyl, with the Bad Time Exclusive variants available for pre-order now right here.


Made up of members of The Best of The Worst and Hub City Stompers, Thirsty Guys play manic synth-driven ska punk combined with raw heartfelt vocals for fans of Bomb The Music Industry, Big D & The Kids Table, The Hippos and PUP. "Parched" takes you on a wild ride through the mind of vocalist / keyboard player Joe Scala, as he belts out 10 tracks about quarter life crises, scene drama, depression, and other fun topics not usually synonymous with our favorite Hawaiian shirt stained genre. The serious and often sarcastic nature of the lyrics are set against a backdrop of a tight 3 piece rhythm section, comprised of ska punk "lifers" Garret "Cheech" Webber and Jay Selvaggio on guitar and bass, with relative ska newbie Dreads on the drums. The songs sway back and forth between the danceable ska that you'll no doubt be sweating to in a New Brunswick basement, and speedy punk with traces of technical hardcore... a small tip-off that you're listening to the same guys who've been pushing the boundaries of ska-core for over a decade (and longer if you remember the Kevin Hay two-step).

For someone who grew up in the genre blending swamps of New Jersey, something about this record feels entirely familiar... while at the same time I know I've never heard anything like it. It's like listening to a Drive Thru records sampler on your way to see Mustard Plug play your local VFW... and if that makes any sense, let's be best friends.

The first single “Not Playing Fest” is available now on streaming platforms, and you can check out the video here on Youtube.

“Parched” is out on August 16, but you can pre-order the vinyl now in the Bad Time Store. Look out for more from the album in the next few weeks!

Mike Sosinski