Bad Time welcomes DISSIDENTE!

I’m very excited to announce that Dissidente from Pittsburgh, PA has joined the Bad Time family! We’ve teamed up to release their debut “Frontline EP” on limited edition 7” splatter vinyl.

DISSIDENTE album announce.jpg

WHO is Dissidente you ask? Dissidente represents the next generation of American Ska-Core. Finding themselves somewhere between the politically charged skate-punk riffs of Propaghandi and the grimey crust-ska of Leftover Crack, Dissidente throws everything you think you know about ska-punk into the fire... only to pull it out again completely remade. The "Frontline EP" is 4 blistering tracks of technical riffy ska punk, and is also (shockingly) the band's first recording effort. Whether you want to call them hardcore, metal or ska-core, one thing's for sure; Dissidente is the future of ska punk in the Steel City.

You can order their debut 7” now in the Bad Time store, and can catch the band along with Catbite on September 21 in Pittsburgh PA at the Steel City Ska Fest.

Mike Sosinski