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12" Vinyl LP of 'FERAL' by Omnigone on 'Joker' Purple Splatter Vinyl. Includes digital download card and printed inner sleeve. This is a pre order that will ship on or around July 26th, 2024.

Available as a combo with "Against The Rest" LP on red / white swirl vinyl.


350 'Joker' Splatter

250 Neon Violet (2024 Bad Time Record Club Variant)


  1. Quicksand
  2. Violence
  3. Again & Again
  4. Grief
  5. Modern Medicine
  6. Regress
  7. Her Story
  8. Debt Past Due
  9. The Youth
  10. Fare Share
  11. Bad Radio
  12. Drop of Water
  13. Absolute Zero

Yes friends, OMNIGONE is back with the third installment of their East Bay ska core saga.  If you've been following Bad Time Records since the beginning, you are more than aware of what a pivotal band OMNIGONE is in the label story.  Helmed by Adam Davis and Barry Kripene of LINK 80, this third LP sees label mates and friends Brent Friedman, Russ "ike" Wood, and Nick Tournie join the permanent OMNIGONE roster, combining forces to make one of the most brutally aggressive records I've come across in a long time.  While the OMNIGONE sound has evolved past a simple ska punk project, this record retains the same energy as the previous releases but distilled into an intense burst of 13 tracks blending hardcore, ska, and Adam's powerfully honest lyrics.  While the band may have briefly lived in the shadow of the great Link 80, FERAL leaves absolutely no doubts that Omnigone are the owners of their own unique destiny and creators of some of the most timeless works in the Bad Time Records catalogue.  ATRC.